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Our VSH Nucleus Colony, featuring a VP pol line 2.2 VSH Queen, is an exceptional choice for beekeepers seeking to enhance their apiary. The F1 VSH Queen is expertly bred for Varroa Sensitive Hygiene traits, ensuring her offspring are better equipped to manage Varroa mite infestations. This VP pol line 2.2 Nuc, ideal for both expansion and new colony establishment, offers seamless integration into existing apiaries and robust genetic advantages for a healthier, more resilient colony.


Carefully packaged in a secure, transportation-friendly box, it guarantees the safety and well-being of the bees during transit. Suited for honey production and pollination purposes, this product represents a valuable investment for both amateur and professional beekeepers, prioritizing colony health and sustainable beekeeping practices.


Nucleus colonies will become available between May 1st and June 30th 2024 on a first come first serve basis in the order in which sales are received. You will be emailed updates frequently on when your order will be available for pickup 


$50 deposit is required to secure your order for a 2024 nucleus colony. Please choose your option in the drop down menu.


F1 (1st GenerationVP pol line 2.2 VSH Queen) Medium Nuc $200

F1 (1st Generation VP pol line 2.2 VSH Queen) Deep Nuc $225

F2 (2nd Generation VP pol line 2.2 VSH Queen) Medium Nuc $185

F2 (2nd Generation  VP pol line 2.2 VSH Queen) Deep Nuc $210

F3 Open Mated Queen Medium Nuc $175

F3 Open Mated Queen Deep Nuc $200

DEPOSIT ONLY 2024 Nucleus Colony

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