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We specialize in breeding from the best quality breeder queens for Varroa sensitive hygeine and will be testing all of our queens with the UbeeO kits developed by Optera.


What is UbeeO?

UBeeO™ is a groundbreaking new tool designed to accurately predict a colony’s ability to self-manage mites and disease through hygienic behavior – a vital aspect of colony health. Optera’s UBeeO™ mix contains naturally occurring brood pheromones. To test a colony’s sensitivity, the UBeeO™ mix is applied to a small area of capped brood. The colony’s hygienic response to the treated brood cells after two hours indicates its ability to resist mites and disease throughout the season. After just two hours, the colony’s UBeeO™ response is ready to be graded The UBeeO™ Score is the percentage of cells uncapped by the end of the testing period – the more cells uncapped, the higher the score

F1 VSH UbeeO Test Queen

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